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Seasonal Services

Our skilled technicians ensure the safe and secure installation and removal of your piers and lifts. We understand the importance of preserving your investment. Our maintenance services encompass inspections, repairs, and regular upkeep to ensure your pier remains safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Boat Lift Repair

Boat LIft Repair

We service all brands of boat lifts. From replacement parts, to maintenance, to adding accessories.

Indoor Storage

Boat Storage

Complete Piers & Lifts goes above and beyond to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers, including a year-round storage solution. Our indoor storage facility features triple racking, ensuring efficient utilization of space while keeping your boat or watercraft safe and sound.

With a strong commitment to affordability, we’ve designed our storage options to provide excellent value for our clients.

Riprap Shore

Riprap Maintenance

Living on a body of water makes you vulnerable to damaging elements like erosion. One crucial way to protect your shoreline is to install a riprap retaining wall. The wall acts as a barrier between the water and your property. The rocks used in riprap are designed to absorb the motion of water and protect your shoreline. The rocks not only provide protection they have a natural look which improves the beauty of your lakefront.

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Pier Staining

Give your pier a makeover with a fresh coat of stain each season. It makes and keeps your pier looking beautiful.


Canopy Vinyls

Protect your boat from the harsh sun and keep debris out of your boat. We can replace or repair your boat lift vinyl. Order a replacement boat lift canopy direct from us.



You Play, We’ll Clean

Regular boat detailing is a must! Keep your vessel functioning correctly and preserve its resale value. A freshly waxed hull reduces drag, saving on fuel consumption. Maintaining your boat’s appearance improves aesthetic appeal. From pontoon to sailboats to jet-skis, we have the know-how to take care of them all, inside and out.

  • We offer in Shop Detailing
  • Mobile Detailing
  • Car Wash Services
  • Paint Correction